Northminster Presbyterian Church

"Taste and See That the Lord Is Good"

Our Traditions

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Festival of Lessons and Carols

Northminster’s signature worship event is a lessons and carols service during Advent. Time honored musical selections alternate with Scriptural lessons that walk us through the Advent and Christmas story. A reception of seasonal food is enjoyed afterward in our Fellowship Hall. Click here for pictures of the event!
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Making Apple Butter

Each autumn, the turning of the leaves and the beginning of the football season are joined by Northminster’s apple butter making. Jars of delicious homemade (churchmade!) apple butter are presold; the apples are peeled on a Thursday and then cooked and jarred on the following Saturday. Special care is taken to prepare and butter the apples—as well as make sure the given Saturday isn’t on a home game day! Proceeds from the sales are used to give honoraria to graduating seniors, pay for scholarships for kids to attend summer camp, and other worthy youth causes. In 2011, the apple butter was made on Saturday, October 15th.
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Rally Day

The first Sunday in September is always Rally Day—the day our new Sunday School year begins. The day begins with breakfast at church, after which students tour their new Sunday School rooms and meet their teachers. After the worship service, a picnic is enjoyed by everyone in the cooling autumn air. Rally Day reminds us that Christian Education is about Christian doctrine, Christian theology, and Christian living—but it’s about Christian fellowship, too. . . .
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Easter Egg Hunt

Who said all our cool events are in the autumn and winter? At the end of Lent, Northminster’s kids gather at the church for an entertaining Easter egg hunt. Some of the eggs are tough to find for the older children, while the younger kids will have no trouble scooping up the eggs ‘hidden’ for them. While the eggs are stuffed with candies and prizes, our little treasure hunt isn’t all get and no give—after the egg hunt, everyone takes Easter baskets to the sick and shut in. It’s a Lenten meditation and an Easter celebration all in one.