Northminster Presbyterian Church

"Taste and See That the Lord Is Good"

Confirmation Class

When does a kid make her parents’ faith her faith? When does a child start asking questions about what he believes? How does a person baptized as an infant become an active member of the church? At Northminster, our Confirmation Class is the environment in which kids study and question and learn and experience—and make their faith their own. Made up primarily of sixth graders—although older kids are welcome if they haven’t been through the class—Confirmation is a twelve week survey course that covers Bible study, Christian history, prayer, church service, theology, and Christian perspectives on society, culture, and politics. Confirmands engage in vigorous discussion, as well as group building experiences which unite them as a class. The class also has a lot of fun, too, and isn’t above taking their discussion and study off campus to somewhere like Chick-Fil-A. Would you like a milkshake with that discussion of salvation? Music and film are often used in class lessons, and Confirmands have plenty of opportunity to connect the study material with their own experience and thought processes. In addition to what is learned and experienced in the class itself, friendships are sparked and strengthened as the kids study and mature together. This is a formative time when Northminster’s growing kids become members of the church—in their own right.