Northminster Presbyterian Church

"Taste and See That the Lord Is Good"

Sunday School

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Sunday School is a foundational part of our Christian learning. At Northminster, Christian Education begins in the nursery with the babies! Our nursery is led by caring, loving, and involved teachers, including one church staff member. Children who start in the nursery rarely forget the experience and often return to visit their former teachers. From the nursery, kids move to the preschoolers, where they learn Bible stories with games and snacks, and then it’s on to the elementary school class. The junior/senior high class talks about current issues and events facing teenagers, and looks to Scripture for guidance. Close-knit community is important as the teens seek God’s will for them. The adult classes offer similar opportunities. Whether you are interested in studying certain books of the Bible, talking about current events from a Christian perspective, or experiencing unique classes such as the minister’s recent Islam class, Northminster hopes you will join us to discover what God is going to teach us next.

New Bible Study Class

Join us for a new Bible study class for all levels of knowledge, all perspectives, all interests. Beginning January 4, 2015, Russ Merritt will lead a new Sunday school class for all interested adults called “BIBLE STUDY: BEGINNER THROUGH ADVANCED - From the Shallow End of the Pool to the Deepest Corners!” Russ wants to open the Bible up so we can all enjoy it, understand it better, find some answers to our questions, and perhaps even develop a disciplined approach to our own use of scripture. He promises that there will be no tests, no assigned essays, no book reports, no grades - just folks seeking to share together on the journey of getting to know and understand God’s Word a little better! Come and join us each Sunday morning at 10:00 AM!